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Fostorius - Out Sunning by LeccathuFurvicael

Fostorius - Out Sunning


12 July 2014 at 17:32:19 MDT

Finally got to work on this little guy, and I am very happy with how it ended up. The color scheme was suggested by crystal-rain-fox on DA, who purchased this creature, and I am thrilled with the results.

This is also a major step forward in my aptitude with acrylic paints - I had just purchased a Sta-Wet Handy Palette for myself as a birthday gift, which increases the effective use time of acrylics for hours, if not days, before they dry out completely. Using this palette in conjunction with an acrylic medium that increases the drying time of the paints allowed me to get some lovely gradients and has saved me a lot of paint. I didn't have to re-supply my palette with new paint at all, barring resupply due to running out of a given color, in all of the 7 hours it took me to get to the result you see in the photo. I love acrylics all the more now, now that I can use them in longer stints without worrying about dry times as much.

I'll be uploading other photos, so I will assure you that this is not all that you'll see of this creature!

Sculpture has been sold to crystal-rain-fox

Media: Super Sculpey, wire, aluminum foil. Painted with Golden and cheapy acrylics.
Painting time: 7 hours
Total Time: 17 hours
Dimensions: ~6 inches long, ~3 inches high

Art is by and copyright © 2014 Stephanie Dziezyk/LeccathuFurvicael. Do not redistribute for financial gain.

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