In Light of The Blue Angel by LeccathuFurvicael

In Light of The Blue Angel


9 July 2015 at 17:03:02 MDT

Some playfully competitive aerobatics between myself and Razkhel - it takes some serious skill to not crash in this situation!

Holy crap, this is one of my favorite images that I've painted lately. I'm SUCH a sucker for still water and interaction with it! So freaking relaxing <3. Thank you so much for letting me go hog wild with this, Raz - I love the painterly feel of the backdrop!

Media: Photoshop CS6

Razkhel © Razkhel (razzajazz on DA)
Leccathu Fürvicael, Romanian Three-Tail species, and art © 2015 Stephanie Dziezyk. dragon digital painting photoshop flight difficult trick blue angels water still lake pond river cool light western razkhel leccathu glide drafting windwake wind trail splash winter