Five Nights at Freddy's - FREDDY by Leaphy

Five Nights at Freddy's - FREDDY


2 April 2015 at 19:11:37 MDT

Are you ready, because here’s Freddy Fazbear himself, in my art style!

Design-wise, he was kind of hard to nail down, and out of the three I’ve completed so far, he went through the most changes. That being said, I’m pretty satisfied with how he turned out! (He is also the tallest of the four)

EDIT here are the other 3 in case you missed them:

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    I am totally ready for Freddy!! In fact, I had a FNaF-themed dream a few nights back, and everyone was really nice to me, which is in total contrast to the game. But I liked it overall, because Bonnie even let me touch his guitar and play a few songs on it. :) Freddy, on the other hand, kept looking inside my clothes trying to find a robotic endoskeleton like his. I told him to quit, or else he'd get a hard punch in the nose, and NOT just to beep it. I was going to make it bleed.

    Love how he looks fat here. Either he eats too much pizza or he was made that way... not sure, though. I also like the mad expression. Maybe someone touched his hat, and he's saying, "Don't you DARE touch my hat again!!" Just a guess there. ;)

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    Freddy look chubby