A Softboi And A Panda by Leamardi

A Softboi And A Panda


20 September 2018 at 22:44:02 MDT

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Avery Alt-coloring.

LAME EXPLANATION HERE: I haven't changed Avery since my teens, so fuck it.
I'm torn between natural and alt coloring, so she is just going to have two!

The Lavender hue will be Avery's male side, something I've always wanted
to play around with. I've always felt more masculine than feminine and I've
never been comfortable enough to explore that and I hope to do that as I'm
putting more effort and time into my work.

Avery is a hybrid.. Chimera? Of sorts. Doesn't really talk much about where she(he)
came from. No one really knows if it's due to a traumatic past, or maybe she(he) just
doesn't give a shit. She's(he's) quite the quick swimmer(surprisingly faster than most
water dwelling mammals), and capable of staying under water for up to an hour and a
half on a good day(but she's/he's an avid pot smoker, so times can vary).

Giftart for Neive

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Avery / Art © Leamardi

Neive © Neive

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