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That's What You Get! by Leaf Thornton

That's What You Get!

Leaf Thornton

It's no secret that Felicia has an obsession with super powered fursons. But to a select few, they know of another obsession of hers: Yaoi.

Felicia denies it, but she enjoys writing yaoi stories of random heroes she sees or encounters in her lifetime. These stories are usually adult in nature. Unfortunately, she can be a bit scatterbrained with these stories and leave them lying around the labs. Frederick gets really angry at her for that, since he tends to find them on accident while looking for his research papers.

Frederick decides to teach her sister a lesson by having someone write an adult story for him. However, the characters involved are both his sister Felicia and someone she'd never be caught dead with. After the story was delivered to him, he planted it among her own research papers as a trap.

From the look of things, Frederick has been successful with his plan. Perhaps she'll think twice about leaving her things around.

Frederick and Felicia Rogers belong to me.
Artwork done by   bluwolf0.