Phantom vs Oblivion by Leaf Thornton

Phantom vs Oblivion

Leaf Thornton

23 March 2015 at 17:18:59 MDT

"Hm? Oh, pardon me. I was merely dealing with this goodie two-shoes version of myself.

Yes, I look almost exactly like this 'Phantom' here. But if you confuse me for this imbecile or call me something like 'Motnahp', I will personally tear off your arms and legs with my mind.

I prefer something akin to Oblivion. I am the better half of Bryon Walden. While Phantom lets his own ideals get in the way, I do not. If you wish to be analytical about it, I could be a representation of his more base desires. Where a fool like him would merely subdue someone, I ensure that my target is left with less than what he or she has. Though at times, it means they do not have any breath in their lungs.

I have seen some of the more attractive women that 'Phantom' has come across in his life. Why he has failed to indulge his appetite is beyond me. But I will be happy to do so... Perhaps I could visit this "Red Light District" and seek out greater pleasures there.

Where I came from is none of your concern. You could say I came from Bryon's own psyche. Or maybe I am actually a visitor from an alternate dimension? In any case, I am here now and I shall make my mark in the world. And I shall start by disposing of this idealistic fool..."

Phantom and Oblivion belong to me.
Artwork done by bluwolf0.

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