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Meme Hug Attack! by Leaf Thornton

Meme Hug Attack!

Leaf Thornton

23 March 2015 at 16:35:58 MDT

Meme is a supervillain that has two powers: The ability to make multiple copies of herself and the power to alter her face into shapes like internet memes. She is actually a mercenary for hire, but usually works for goofier villains like Slap-Stick and Clown King.

During a mission for Slap-Stick, she had a run in with the hero named Phantom. He pursued her, only for the pika to trip over some pipes and hurt her leg. To her surprise, the rex rabbit dressed her wound and had a thoughtful conversation with the lady instead of making things worse. As a result, she has developed a crush on the hero.

Here, Phantom had finished his patrol for the night and was on his way back to base. Meme spotted the hero from a distance, feeling rather giddy. To show her affection towards the rex rabbit, she pounced on the hero and gave him quite a hug.

Artwork by bluwolf0.
Error Process/Meme belongs to TheCanidean
Bryon Walden/Phantom belongs to me.

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