O Taro by Leafie

O Taro


20 July 2015 at 00:11:34 MDT

It's been forever since I've drawn my bakeneko / Gaki ghost cat character, Taro.

A trickster in her mortal life, she stole from her owners and was extremely greedy and cold.
Then one day an angry previous owner of whom she tricked tracked her down and killed her. Out of spite and greed she became a vengeful spirit, a Gaki, who's hunger for gold and food would forever plague her in the afterlife.

-She is a living ghost, meaning that she can be seen by humans and frequently travels about in the human realm trying to trick and scam people. She wears various disguses to appear alive and normal. Mostly masks because she has no face. >__>

-She often has O-fuda (exorcism charms) stuck to her. She is a strong spirit, but these sap most of her energy which keeps her grounded and prevents her from getting out of control with her powers.

-Spirit flames / Wisps are drawn to her. She becomes one herself temporarily when she is weak and needs rest.

-She is constantly hungry but her hunger will never be sated. Her body can stretch and expand to accomodate her ravenous appetite. It is unknown if her mouth stomach is hers or a seperate entity all together.

-She represents my greedy/glutton side which I rarely ever show. While I consider myself to be a selfless person and not greedy, I love shopping and surrounding myself with nice things, so in a way I hoard treasures like Taro does.
I also suffer from an eating disorder which makes eating uncomfortable for me. But I have a huge appetite and want to eat all the time but I can't. This is shown in Taro's mouth belly which is constantly hungry but is never satisfied.

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