[P2U] Cat Lineart Pack by lcyStudios

[P2U] Cat Lineart Pack


3 July 2019 at 19:31:24 MDT

My first big lineart pack!

I originally made this pack for personal use, but then decided that I wanted to sell it to try and get some money together for a new laptop as the one I'm using is crapping out on me. When I originally made the pack, there was only Long fur, Medium fur and Short fur lines. Over the last two days, I've added everything you see!! :D

If you look through my gallery, you'll see that I use these lines for the images of my characters. Also, as you can tell on the image, the pack does cost $20. I also have rules that you have to follow when you purchase the pack.

As I cannot upload PSD files to Weasyl, if you wish to buy the pack, please send me a message with a proper title and let me know. I will give you my paypal and once I have received payment, I will send you a link to where you can download the pack!


  1. You must credit me when you use the lines and my signature must remain on the lines at all times
  2. You are free to edit the lines as long as you can still tell they are mine in the finished product
  3. You cannot resell the lines by themselves or give them out to your friends. Everyone who has a copy of the lines must pay for them
  4. You can use the lines in: Personal designs, design commissions and adoptables
  5. You cannot use the lines in: Regular commissions
  6. You can use these lines on other sites*

*** Note**
For those who wish to use these lines on Lioden: Please visit my Thread on there and order from me there! You will be able to pay in USD, Silver Beetles or Gold Beetles!

Note 2
This pack can also be found on the following sites and are available for purchase using USD or that site's currency:

  • Lioden [currency: silver beetles & gold beetles]
  • DeviantART [currency: points]

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