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House music specialists! If it happens in the studio, it ends up here. We're four musicians and one graphic artist. Our roster is full, though we're always interested in collaborations or remixes. In alphabetical order..

Aesop - A classically trained multi-instrumentalist who has recorded in Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma, and San Francisco. He was trained as an audio engineer at the Evergreen State College in Olympia WA. Over the years and summer courses, he logged in many a studio hour in the multi media building. His primary mentor was Terry Setter, an accomplished professor and electrical engineer who has credits including the Moog synthesizer company. He attended several guest mentoring lectures with speakers including Jack Endino (producer for Nirvana, Skinlab, various Seattle acts), Howard Kaylan (singer for the Turtles, Frank Zappa, and others), and George Massenberg (Kenny Loggins, Top Gun soundtrack, and others). Currently, he works as an audio engineer and sound designer with a Seattle area design team. In his spare time, if he's not working on a beat, He's almost surely working on laying out a scene.

Aero - Aero is our resident dub step / complextro wizard. He's known to put together a filthy original composition, mash something up, or throw down with a dance floor ready continuous mix. He was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and spends his out-of-studio time skateboarding, building and customizing computers, working on graphic design, and practicing both traditional media and digital illustration. Aero's modern sound and absolutely floor crushing drops give the LBR sound an extra push in your sub woofers.

Mike Andreas - Mr. Andreas is a house music specialist who has lived in several different countries. Currently located in Mexico, he brings a melodic ear, dance floor sensibility, and a fondness for the minimal. His experiences on the dance floor in Spain and Mexico provide a solid direction for where we are going with our sound. Being a club gigging DJ, Mike keeps us on track with the concept of a song that is part of a mix as a whole, not simply a radio single.

Tom Chaillan - Tom is an accomplished studio session musician from Switzerland. Born in France, he has lived in the USA as well as Morocco. His skills include music production, composition, arranging, and a professional level of guitar expertise. He has played in international reggae festivals and has shared the stage with the likes of the legendary Lee "Scratch" Perry, among others. He currently plays out and records with the Swiss reggae band Booost and composes the score for audio cinema productions.

Gear List:
-Ableton Live Suite 8.
-Access Virus TI 2.
-Akai APC 40.
-Allen & Heath Wiz 16 channel mixer.
-Archive of meticulously sampled drum machines and FX.
-Avalon 737sp.
-Box or two full of records.
-Fender Stratocaster.
-Gretsch semi-hollow body guitar, vintage reissue.
-Line 6 POD and other pedals.
-Mac G5 with external HD chain.
-Maple shell drums by Pacific and Pork Pie, w/ vintage Zildjian ride.
-McDSP tape machine and compressor modeling plug-ins.
-Mesa Boogie dual rectifier amp with Mesa 2x12 cab.
-Microphones including Sennheiser and Shure dynamics with MCP and other condensers.
-Numark tt200 turntables, 2x.
-Pro Tools Digi003 rack.
-Pro Tools 8.
-Roland XP 60.
-Waldorf Q.
-Warwick bass.
-Waves Mercury plug-ins.
-Yamaha KX-W282.
-Yamaha Motif XS 8.




Custom iPhone / Droid Ringtone

Single 30 second loop.
$ 5.00

Production Services

Engineering, Mastering, and Mixing.
$ 20.00

Are you an artist or an aspiring producer but haven't got quite the sound you like? We're here to help! Using our professional production studio, we can engineer, master, mix, and produce your tracks. Our entry rate is $20 an hour, which is very reasonable by industry standards. We can work with a recording you've already made, session files you have in your DAW, or simply give professional advice.

Interested in a custom ring tone for your smartphone? We can help there as well.



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