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It's going down, I'm yelling...

on 5 May 2014 at 21:49:38 MDT

Name: Annabeth. Annabeth Maize. But you can just call me Beth. And it’s pronounced my-ZEE. Not MAY-zuh. My name isn’t “Corn”. I’m a timber rattlesnake. I have hair on my head; it is orange. Yes, I’m venomous. Yes, I will bite you, and it will send you to the hospital. Yes, getting around in this $%#&ing half-snake body is a pain in the a$$. I can deal with it. I’ve dealt with it the past 19 years of my life just fine, thanks. I’m female, but not a “Girl”. I think gender laws are total bull, and don't bother with them. I’m from the south-eastern United States, where everyone owns at least one confederate flag, gun (or seven), or both. You know about “The Bible Belt”? I live in the extra notch someone had to cut into the belt after a few too many six-packs. And yes, my family drives a 20-year-old jeep. I can be blunt, overly honest, very lazy, and have a personal bubble larger than my arms can reach. That’s all you need to know about me. You might as well leave.

You stuck around? Well, thanks, I guess. I get that I’m kind of… abrasive. I don’t really deal with people well. I can plaster on the big grin and fake it around family just fine, but I really don’t deal with strangers well. I’m happiest on my own, I guess. Maybe. I figure that as much as I like BEING alone, I really hate FEELING alone. So, have some patience with me. When I warm up to you, I try my best to be a really good friend. For all my spitfire and, well, venom, I try to be good to others. I never feel happier than when I’ve made someone’s day a little bit better. So, thanks for having me, Furry Community. I’ll try to be a positive presence, as much as a rattlesnake can be anyway.

Love ya, mean it.

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