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♪ Ahoy! ♪

Loki ll ♥ ll 21 ll ♥ ll Female ll ♥ ll Fursuit Maker ll ♥ ll Michigan

~~ Happy as a clam. ~~


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Interested in fursuits?

Please check out my fursuit folders!

** Lovepaw Custom Creatures **[/u]

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~ Please be respectful! I'm not looking for a romantic relationship. c:

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Keep in mind that I cannot view above "General"-rated art.

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~~~ Whoever you are, I'm so glad you're here! ♥ ~~~

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~ I craft things, primarily crochet. I am getting my feet wet in the world of fursuit building, as well!

I'm not great at drawing like all these other wonderful artists on here. Seriously.. you guys fill me with awe with your creativity every time I come here.

♪ ~ ♪ ~ ♪

~ I'm actually not that interesting at all, but I'm okay with that. c:

I am an eternal optimist and very happy most all of the time, but, let's face it, life can get you down sometimes, too. We're only human (well.... you know what I mean).

I'm more quiet than I am shy, but I can be a tad shy when meeting people for the first time. I love laughing and having a blast!

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Thank you very much for favorites, watches, and comments!

I may not reply to each and every one of you, but I do read every single comment and see everyone who watches & favorites my work.

I appreciate the support and will do my best to bring you more enjoyable work in the future.

Wish me luck! Okay?

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What I'm working on:[/u]

~ Grey & White Sergal Fullsuit

~ Grey Fox Kiddo Partial [GOING OUT SOON]

~ Eevee bodysuit & tail [GOING OUT SOON]

~ German Shepherd Fullsuit

~ Tiger Dragon Partial

~ Fizzy Akita [GOING OUT SOON]

~ Husky Fullsuit

~ Sexy Red Fox Fullsuit

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Conventions I plan to attend:[/u]

-Furry Connection North 2013

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Thank you for visiting! Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you simply want to chat. c:




Latest Journal

Eek!! I can do digital art??

Hello everyone! Sorry for my silence. This week I have a TON of orders going out, so I'm trying to put the finishing touches on all of them!

On the non-business side of things, ART!

My little brother was AMAZING enough to surprise me with a receipt for... a brand new drawing tablet! WOW!

It's going to come in next week, I think, but I am super psyched! Maybe this will be an additional to motivation for my drawing?

Traditional artistry is very taxing on my funds, and usually when I use cheap supply, I end up hating how it comes out. Maybe this will be what I need to start up drawing again? Who knows!

Anyhow, please continue to watch my page! I know it's been very very quiet both here and on my DA, but hopefully things will start slowing down project-wise up after this week.

Thank you everyone for your support!

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    Check your emails.

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    Alright. You missed the date, and I missed another convention. I am very dissatisfied with your lack of communication. Check your emails. They will have all of the content you need, I really don't feel like typing that out again.

    Suits to my address, or refund the money.

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    Just as your deadline is TOMORROW. And Derpy never arrived despite you saying you mailed him...

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    I'm on DA now, by the way. I'll be uploading the more illustration-ish aspects of my gallery on there. My handle is Big Red Pharaoh.

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    This message is being posted to all of your public message boxes, on all social sites. Your request for no spam, only comes when you deliver promised updates. Our last conversation, which was February 19th Mind you you promised me updates. Well Every single message between then and now has been ignored, not received, or by some work of a holy power, I am just clinically insane and never sent them to begin with. I was your FIRST, commission, paid in FULL before anyone else. Read your journal here, in fact let me paste it.

    I work on a "first come, first served" basis; a deposit is needed to secure a slot, otherwise, you may get bumped by a person who can pay ahead of you.

    All I was asking for was a damned update to progress. And I have been IGNORED. I have seen people have their slots filled, and now, I have reached the point where I am more then angry. As a client that has paid for a product, I want it delivered, or in this case at least the aforementioned PROMISED UPDATES. You have had since JULY, my deadlines are not getting any further away.


    Skype: anevildragon

    DA- Fluffbutt-designs

    FF- Sergalfluff

    Weasyl- Twitches

    I was asking before, now I am demanding. I was nice, but since the recent chain of events that is no longer the case. One. Fucking. Picture.

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    Thank you for the watch !

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    o_o where are you?

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    thanks for the follow