Loonatics Chillin' During the Summer by LaviArray

Loonatics Chillin' During the Summer


24 June 2014 at 23:04:14 MDT

After I randomly decided to check in on this show a few few, I instantly became fascinated with it again. While the show had MASSIVE problems, I do think the premise has some promise! So here is my take on the group's dynamic, with a few mods here and there. If I can get enough time, and motivation, I would like to write a little mini series about the group, if given the chance.

During a random, hot summer evening, the group decided to head down the ice cream parlor across town, famous for their hand-made chocolate drizzle and multi-flavored ice cream.

By sometime, early next month, I can hopefully get out a possible summary about what I want to do in the story, and possible write a pilot for the story.

Go check out the artist: http://student-yuuto.deviantart.com/art/Loonatics-Unleashed-Commission-460389962