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Pippin the Pangolin by Lavenderrose

Pippin the Pangolin


19 May 2016 at 15:25:24 MDT

Part of a collaboration with yggdrasill00 . This is Pippin the Pangolin, the shy twin brother to Ygg's Pascal While still bi like his brother, he's less of a flirt and very reserved and easily flustered by sexual situations. He's a bit of a nature nut, always outdoors hiking, likes to bird watch and plant/tend to trees and desert plants. Basically he has a personality if took Fluttershy and Tree Hugger and combined them, but took out the later's obnoxious "vibes" stuff and stoner demeanor, and threw in a lot of femboi cuteness.

The idea for him came about after seeing a meme posting cycling about pointing out that Pangolin's always look like they're wanting to ask you something but are too shy to do so, after which I had the thought "gee, almost wanna say that Alphys in Undertale is a pangolin rather then a lizard/dragon/reptile, as she's always posed like that". Then I thought "I should make a character, they're cute" and upon doing more research on the animals found out they're one of the most heavily hunted and illegally trafficked animals in the world. So decided "yup making a char, if just to get them more attention and love"

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