The Royal Treatment (1/5) by LaurenRivers

The Royal Treatment (1/5)


21 June 2014 at 23:01:25 MDT

Tall hedges surrounded the massive home of Kingman Highborn, who had invited Lauren to visit upon hearing of her possession of a number of magical objects, one of which he'd expressed a desire to experience for himself. She held the item in her purse that she clutched in both of her hands, stepping forward to climb up to the front steps.

She waited a moment for the call to connect. "Hello?"

"This is Kingman," a male voice said.

"My name is Lauren Rivers, I've brought the object. May I come in?" she asked. There was no verbal response. A click from the door indicated it was now unlocked. It swung open with a creak, welcoming her into the large residence. She stepped one hoof into the home and hesitated.

The house appeared devoid of servants. All she could see was a large staircase that led up to a large hallway. She concluded that she was meant to climb them and find Kingman waiting for her. Though she had used the body switching bracelet before, this would be the first time she would switch forms with royalty. She brushed a hair out of her face and whinnied, curious to meet the feline interested in experiencing another form.

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