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You Must Be This Naked To Enter by LaurenRivers

You Must Be This Naked To Enter


1 June 2014 at 15:26:47 MDT

Yes, I know she is not naked. I wanted this to be a general image so in theory she got dressed as her scales slipped off. :) As for the title, I got it from Futurama, where when Fry posed the question, Doctor Zoidberg was more than eager to answer it. :)

In what I imagine to be a first on Weasyl, partly due to the scarcity of snakes and partly due to the assumption that I don't think anyone has really thought of it before, here is an attempt to make shedding skin sexy.

In an anthropomorphic society, no doubt snakes would have to go through this just like their limbless counterparts. Kate sheds her skin once a month, the scales becoming transparent as she slips out of her own skin to reveal the shiny new scales beneath. She then discards it, often times managing to slip out of it nearly completely intact, a hollow copy of herself.

Hope you'll like it, and I encourage you to note the impression of her diamonds on the shed tail scales beneath her hip. ;)

Art by jameless

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    I sstill find her absolutely beautiful! I do wonder if she has the ability to snake-ify folks... maybe? ;)

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      She might, though it's not a canon ability. :) It seems like that might be something fun to explore sometime. :)