Whatever Form You're In, I Love You by LaurenRivers

Whatever Form You're In, I Love You


4 May 2014 at 14:03:55 MDT

When you're a frequent victim of transformations, you learn to get used to things. Waking up one morning as a male, or finding out you've become a new species, or even trading bodies becomes something that just happens to you. Maybe that's strange, but this week I've been turned into my six year old body. A lot of people say they want a second childhood, but I don't like being too short to work my own appliances!

I've started keeping tailored clothes for every form I end up in around the house, just so that no matter what I am, I'll have something to wear.

It was quite handy when Chris and I became feral that we had a tailor who designed clothes for quadrupedal bodies. This way we didn't have to walk around with our bodies revealed for everyone to see. I may be a somewhat attractive zebra, but I still have my dignity. It's hardly appropriate for a lady to reveal her lady parts to the world.

Chris says he never used to be transformed before me met me. He was always himself, two hooves, and male. Since we started dating, he's become a victim of a lot of my own transformations, curses, and magical items.

What's really sweet is that he's cool with it. He took to being whatever we were that day with a smile.

So some folks might think it's strange, that there's a feral zebra and ram walking around the grounds talking to each other. Next week we could be kids. Who knows.

All I know is that when we ended up on four hooves, after the attendant dressed us and let us go on our way, Chris said "Whatever form you're in, whatever body we're wearing, I love you."

I about turned beet red.

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