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Genetic Instability by LaurenRivers

Genetic Instability


Lauren carried the chimera crystal in her hand as they walked over the polished floor of the Tower. She rolled it around between her fingers. Each side seemed as if it was polished to a remarkable shine. The zebra held it up to examine it.

"It's rather plain looking for something so simple, isn't it?"

Topaz nodded. "I suppose."

Lauren wondered to herself why it was called the chimera crystal. The reflective surface captured her attention while she walked, and a sudden slip caused the object to fall from her hands and crack against the surface of the floor. "OOPS!"

"Oops? What do you mean, 'oops'?" Topaz asked with a demanding frown.

Before Lauren could answer, their bodies were twisted by the power of the chimera crystal. Every form they had ever taken fought for dominance. The conflicting DNA, dormant inside of their bodies, surged within them as each genetic code took dominance in another part of their forms.

Lauren stretched out an avian hand, wings bursting from her back. She felt her tail change into a siamese cat's, her left arm taking its cues from Topaz's body. Her face and right arm grew in mass, her ears becoming flappy and her nose and upper lip stretching out into a trunk.

Topaz's body surged in height, growing a foot and a half taller than Lauren. The giraffe DNA made itself known in her right leg, tail, and neck, as well as her face. She felt the horns push out of her skull, and her right arm became a zebra/crux hybrid arm. Her left leg became a remnant of her horse form, and her left arm and ears were the only indication she'd been a feline.

Transformed into their chimera bodies, the two looked at each other in confusion.

"Man, I hope nobody saw that." Lauren blushed.

"How do we fix this before someone sees us?"

Lauren sighed. Another day, another transformation.

Art by jameless

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