A Lady Of Good Taste by LaurenRivers

A Lady Of Good Taste


2 March 2014 at 15:14:23 MST

Lauren handed the bracelet over to Coco, the metal ring hanging around her fingers. "It really works. It feels a little strange at first, but you get used to it."

Coco held the bracelet between her paws. "I don't know."

"I've done it before, you know you'd like to give it a try." Her pleading eyes seemed to convince the chocolate vixen, whose form was made of living chocolate.

"Do you think it'll work with a body that isn't... You know, like yours?" Coco asked.

Lauren giggled cutely. "Only one way to find out..."

Coco slid the bracelet around her wrist, situating it so it stayed put on her arm. She examined it for a long moment, finally setting her paws down on her legs. "All right, do it."

The spell took less than a minute. Soon enough, Lauren felt the familiar warm sensation as her vision blurred. She shivered, her skin tingling. A moment later, she opened her eyes to look at herself. Her former body looked back at her, a clear confused expression on her face.

"Wow, this is so strange... So this is what a normal body feels like..." Coco looked at her zebra form in amusement. "I like it, though I hope I can walk on these hooves."

"It's so strange to have a body made of chocolate," Lauren said, Coco's form suiting her rather well. She licked her paw slowly, her tongue dragging along it. "Oh my god, I taste amazing!"

"Hey, I wouldn't do that," Coco warned.

"I am so tasty! MMMM!!!" Lauren lapped at her arm, slobbering all over her chocolate forearm. "So delicious!"

Coco's jaw dropped. "GASP! Stop that!"

"I can't help it! Oh, this body!" She hopped to her feet, curious what the rest of her form tasted like. "I wonder if my tail tastes like!"

"Get back here!" Coco shouted, trying to stop the internal zebra from nibbling herself away!

Coco is chocolatevixen
Lauren is laurenrivers
Art by wintersnowolf and rainartsink

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    lol the downside to being made of chocolate XD !! ^v^