Scientific Curiosity by LaurenRivers

Scientific Curiosity


25 February 2014 at 17:33:28 MST

When Lyndon had been given the magic bracelet that could swap one's body with another being, he doubted it's power. He was a scientist, and though he had seen quite a lot that defied logic in his years he found this myth to be a bit odd. He brought it to Topaz and showed it to the young feline girl, who was as skeptical as he was about it's claims. Surely this little bracelet that seemed to have no special properties other than the infinity symbol on it's side had no magic properties nor moving parts!

She looked at it and dismissed it as easily as he had. Lyndon watched as she slipped it on her wrist and brought his attention to the spell that had come with it. He read it aloud as if it were a laundry list and suddenly felt a warm sensation pass over him. His vision blurred and he felt strange, his hand coming to his face. When his sight returned, he looked at his hands. They were tiny and covered in brown fur??

Lyndon mewed in shock as she found herself trapped in Topaz's female body! She gasped at the sight of his own form in front of her, and tugged on the skirt her body wore as she looked at her much smaller developing body. Her much longer tail waved between 'her' legs as she waved her paws in front of her face, feeling the absence of her trunk. Lyndon wondered how this body's former owner could breathe with such a tiny nose! Twitching her whiskers she patted her chest and felt her small breasts as she wondered if they were stuck like this forever? She looked down and felt the absence of her male organs, and tried to make sense of the phenomenon that had just occurred!

Topaz seemed to be in a similar predicament, looking at his thick skinned gray hands and feeling one of his tusks sticking out of his mouth... The body he was in had quite a different anatomy. Between these truly massive tusks was a trunk that was entirely prehensile. He could move it around and found it odd to sense his nose and upper lip being basically part of one truly massive appendage.

Topaz looked down at his large round feet and as he took a step he noticed an odd feeling in his pants. About now he remembered his counterpart was an adult male, and a rather large one at that! Topaz whimpered as he looked at himself, wanting to return to his normal body, though neither could deny the scientific curiosity of existing in each other's forms for a little while, they could try to change back in an hour...

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