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Star Trek: Enterprise by LaurenRivers

Star Trek: Enterprise


On board the bridge of the NX Class starship Horseshoe, Captain Jackie considered his options as he faced three alien battlecruisers. Over 100 lives were under his command, and the situation was only getting worse. They'd entered the star system a few days ago, finding it seemingly abandoned. A signal detected once they had entered its inner borders indicated that perhaps there was some life after all. It had been a trap. As soon as they were close enough, the aliens attacked. They communicated only one thing, that they intended to find our home world and destroy it. To start, they would disable Horseshoe, disassemble her, and vivisect the crew. They would tear the secrets of the homeworld from our very bodies, and leave our ship an empty hulk, the parts they did not find useful abandoned in space.

Captain Jackie looked towards the science station. "Report."

"All three ships are closing in on us, captain."

"Evasive maneuvers!"

Ensign Teric turned behind him. "Captain, there are too many of them, I can't..."

"Do the best you can. Mister Red, have your security teams ready as..." He was interrupted by another blast towards the rear of the ship. Wires hung from the ceiling belching smoke into the air.

Lauren braced herself against her console. "Damn it, we've lost the hull plating. We're being boarded!"

"Mister Red, repel the invaders. Teric, get us away from those ships, however you have to do it. Miss Rivers, get those systems back up!" As Captain Jackie shouted his orders, he gripped his command chair even tighter.

Teric is teric

Lauren is laurenrivers

Red is redneckfur
Jackie is fuzzyjack

Art by jameless

Enterprise/Star Trek copyright to paramount

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    Another amazing scene, and really well drawn. <3 Really nice to see Enterprise get some furry love too, I seem to be one of the few that has a soft spot for the series, and especially the uniforms design.

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      I noticed that before me, Enterprise didn't seem to have any fanart that I knew of. I had to fix that. :) I liked Enterprise, though I feel that seasons 1 and 2 should've been arc heavy and set on the conflict between the scientific and military arms of the Starfleet.

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        Yeahhh, I'd have preferred that too. I wasn't all that keen on the Temporal Cold War arc being focused on so heavily early on, felt like something that could have been done in any Trek series and not unique to Enterprise's era. Having said that about retreading familiar Trek ground, I will admit that it's take on the Mirror Universe is my favourite one.

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          IMHO, the Temporal Cold War made NO sense on Enterprise. This is a prequel series, people! Rule number one, NO time travel. Season 1 would've been the launch of twelve ships, six military, six science, and their interactions. Among which I would've had one of the starfleet captains attack an alien ship and then try and get away with it, requiring Archer to intervene and either turn them over or hide the truth. Season 2 would've ended with the two sides joining together in defense of Earth, and I probably would've left the Xindi arc, and the Federation forming in season 4.

          I didn't understand why they did so much time travel, they did one episode that was a blatant copy of a DS9 episode "Shadowplay" with an Enterprise episode where Odo was the only real person, and everyone else including his character's daughter was a hologram.... UGH. Ripping yourself off has to be the lowest.

          I did like how they handled the romulans, though.

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            DS9. <3 It's always warring with TNG as my favourite Trek series. Probably would pick DS9 though if I did have to pick an absolute and singular fav one though. Ahh, I remember Shadowplay, though I don't recall which Enterprise ep it was though that had lifted it wholesale. I really like your idea and just...focusing more on the frontier nature of the time period and arcs with that, rather than yet more time-travel. Granted there were some episodes that did that very well, but when Enterprise aired, there'd been 15 continual years of Trek, so they really didn't need to rehash the same themes. DS9 broke new ground in Trek, it's a shame Enterprise didn't do it more often, and will sadly be remembered more for the demise of Trek on TV than the merits it did have.

            ((I'll be more than happy to natter more about Trek, but if you'd prefer I note/message you rather than here in the art comments, I'll be happy to do that too xD))

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              I love TNG the most. DS9 was good, but sadly it didn't really have a good ending. It just... Stopped. The war was over, the other side surrendered, felt like a ripoff after two years of awesome. Plus that whole thing with the Pah Wraiths and the fire caves annoyed me.

              It was in the second or first season of Enterprise, if you look through the episode lists you'll see it. Practically a carbon copy.

              Precisely. Enterprise had so much potential. They just had to stay away from time travel and do character driven stories that truly evolved, and they could've made it.

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    "The USS Protector goes out of warp and fires phasers and photon torpedoes at the alien ship and helps you fix your ship!"

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    Now, who told them that they could attack a Starfleet ship?

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      It's a choice they'll soon regret. :)

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        The Protector will first destroy these ships attacking you and get you back to Starfleet and then go for their homeworld and colonies. No one attacks Starfleet and their allies and lives!