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The Hybridization Stone by LaurenRivers

The Hybridization Stone


Diana and Ethan walked together through the woods while they returned from a trip into town. The others had remained outside with the cart preparing their campsite. On the way, Diana kept looking towards Ethan, opening her mouth as if to say something before closing it again. Finally, the hawk could stand it no more.

"What is it?" he asked. "You know you want to say something."

"You know, we've been together a long time. I'd really like us to have a family," Diana said.

"Kids? We've talked about this, how would that even work between us?" he asked.

Diana pulled a small stone from a bag she had been carrying. "With this. This gemstone is supposed to assist in allowing two species to sort of 'hybridize'."

"Really? How does it work?" he asked. Diana held it up and shrugged.

Ethan had not noticed that fur had begun to appear on his left arm. Nor had Diana realized that her left foot paw had become deer like...

Characters by LaurenRivers
Art by catmonkshiro