I Won't Bite by LaurenRivers

I Won't Bite


2 September 2016 at 18:16:39 MDT

Going over to Lauren's place for a casual lunch about once a month had become a fun and relaxing part of my routine. The two of us always had new adventures or crazy stories of transformation to regail each other with during our meetings. I assumed this time would be no different.

As I waddled my pregnant body up to Lauren's front door, I was expecting to be greeted warmly by my female zebra friend. When Lauren opened the door, however, she was not sporting her usual hooves and equine muzzle. She still had her black and white stripes, long black hair with a shock of blue in front, and the same glowing smile; but this time she very large ears with hooked tufts at the tips and a long prehensile tail. Lauren had told me about some of adventures as a crux, but this was my first time seeing her in this alternate state.

"Oh!" I exclaimed. "It seems your crux form has been exerting some dominance." Lauren hugged me as usual, this time her long tail giving me a lower hug as well. "You could say that." she said matter-of-factly. Aware of the stories Lauren had said about her crux form bringing out innate mischief and a proclivity to bite in order to spread the crux mutation, I kept a wary eye on my friend. Lauren sensed my apprehension and astutely raised her handpaw. "It's okay, I won't bite."

Lunch was delicious as usual. My friend's skills in the kitchen certainly weren't hampered in this form. As we retired to the sitting room to continue some conversation, Lauren cocked her head. "Is that a new nail polish you have on, Connie?" "Why yes," I said, "it's called Amethyst Ice. Do you like it?" I held up my hand for my friend to get a closer look. In an instant, Lauren's mouth bolted towards my fingers, and I soon felt a quick pressure and sting of sharp teeth puncturing my hand. "OW!"

Within seconds, tingly waves of heat washed through my body, the common feeling one gets from most transformations. My ears and tail stretched out further and further. I felt new muscular power in my feet and tail. My much longer tail whipped around with agitation, my handpaw still throbbing from the nip. "You said you wouldn't bite me!" I glared at my mischievous cruxified friend. All Lauren did was grin sheepishly and said, "I didn't! ...too hard..."

That's how things go in when you're in the TF community. Eventually, your DNA will be exposed to everything.

Awesome piece I commissioned from LizardBeth. Art is hers.

A lovely surprise and much appreciated gift.

Lauren Rivers (crux form) is copyright LaurenRivers
Connie Wulfwich is copyright Me.

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