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Shell Shocked by LaurenRivers

Shell Shocked


16 May 2016 at 15:31:34 MDT

Her transformation complete, Topaz managed to get to her webbed feet with some difficulty. Once she got a good look at herself she confirmed what she already knew. She was a sea turtle. Similar to the turtle on the shampoo bottle, she pushed the button to listen to the waiting message.

"Hey Topaz! Just poking you to let you know... there are a few new things around the house. Oh, and don't touch the turtle shampoo... It's from the cursed beach house... You remember that one, right?" It was Lauren's voice. Now it all suddenly made sense.

"Damn it, Lauren, why are you leaving such things in the common area?!" Topaz reached for the doorknob. Wet flippers combined with a loss of dexterity caused it to continually slip from her grasp. "Why am I always getting stuck without hands when I need them the most??"

Between being a horse and a sea turtle she had certainly come to appreciate having paws. When Lauren got home she would have to have a long conversation with her. For now, she needed to find water, more than a bathtub's worth, anyway. Her scales were feeling dry.

Art by catmonkshiro

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