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Flipping Out by LaurenRivers

Flipping Out


16 May 2016 at 15:29:35 MDT

With the bathtub halfway full, Topaz dipped her paw into the water to test the temperature. It seemed rather pleasant to her, so she set the bottle of turtle shampoo down on the edge of the bathtub. "This is going to feel soooo good." Her ears perked up as she noticed the urgent beeping from the sink. She had an incoming message. "Oh! My communicator! OOF! What the??? Flippers??"

Topaz slipped on a small puddle of the turtle shampoo and fell forward onto the bathroom floor. It was then that she realized the pleasant shampoo was not just nicely smelling but was transforming her! Her feet and hands had already become smooth scaley skin, with her claws all but gone. She found her tail had started to become thin and hairless, and a large shell had formed around her torso. Her body was becoming reptilian. Her face had already become a strong turtle beak. The shell made it hard for her to rise, so she tried to reach up to the countertop.

Her left flipper attempted to knock the communicator to the floor. Perhaps she could call for help before it was too late. "Oh no, not again! I've got to resist the changes! Got to call help while I've still got some of my hands left!" She struggled to fight the transformation as her right hand became more webbed and aquatic in nature. She attempted to flex them to try to will her fingers to separate. Despite her best efforts she found herself at the mercy of the changes. Her flipper dropped the communicator down onto the floor. It was her only chance for help.

Art by catmonkshiro

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