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Gotta Catch Em All! by LaurenRivers

Gotta Catch Em All!


I'm not one of those obsessive types that had to collect every pokemon. I had the card game, watched the first season, all of the films up to Pokemon B & W. I never really understood the popularity since after the first season it pretty much seemed like the faces changed but everything else stayed the same. Suddenly 150 Pokemon wasn't enough, I don't even know how many we're at now for the sake of marketing and more cartoon episodes.

However, while I still prefer Digimon for it's stronger story and numerous reimaginings of its own premise, I always had a soft spot for two Pokemon. Jigglypuff was my first Poke-Crush, I loved watching that thing draw on everyone's faces when they fell asleep, poor thing just wanted love!

Anyway, the next pokemon that caught my affections was Teddy Ursa. Those of you who know me know that I have a soft spot for Teddy Bears, especially Grumpy Bear. That said, when I saw Teddy Ursa in Pokemon 3, I was like... Adorable!

So when robertge offered pics of you with your pokemon, I asked for this.

Art by robertge

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