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Sierra Point - Short Story by LaurenRivers (critique requested)

Sierra Point - Short Story (critique requested)


8 November 2015 at 22:11:43 MST

Captain David Everett and his unit have been sent into Ashurian territory to investigate intelligence of a hidden facility just shy of the border.

Captain David Everett (siamese cat)
Sergeant Major Chris Hartley (ram)
Major Sergeant Kyle Simon (giraffe)
Specialist Blair (blonde hyena)
Private Martin (black bear),
Private Sorrento (blonde Rabbit)
Sergeant Papadakis (brown Owl),
Corporal Perez (gray furred Mouse)
Doctor Lyndon Brennan (elephant)
Kathris Reinhardt (tiger)
Lilah Terrance (spotted leopard)
Senator William Lynch (okapi)
Arandis Scott (rabbit)
Kevin Bell (zebra/fox)
Quinn Allen (quoll)
Doctor Calais Brightpaw (mouse)

Written by laurenrivers

Chronology Note: This takes place eight months into the Talwyn/Ashurian War. It occurs directly before Relativity (not yet posted).
Status: First Draft Posted.