The Plan by LaurenRivers

The Plan


4 August 2015 at 21:49:19 MDT

In the weeks that Lauren had been trapped in the Pangean Prison, he knew that nearly everyone in here had been sent here to keep them out of the way. Almost none of the inmates had committed a genuine crime. Transformed against their will into a dinosaur species of the opposite gender, they were forced to carry out hard labor while the mammal guards watched from above.

Anywhere they could potentially escape the floors were designed so their increased weight would drop them down below to where they could be disciplined with no doubt as to their guilt at attempting escape.

Despite this, Lauren had found a way to get their original DNA back and escape. It would not be easy, it would require the cooperation of almost the entire prison population, but they could do it. Lauren had met Megan, who was also trapped in a male dinosaur form, and the two of them had successfully found out where their original DNA was stored, and how they could get free with their original forms.

All they would need was a moment when the guards were complacent...

Faradin (lower left) - faradin
Rekzar (winged) - rekzar
Procene (bottom center) - procene
Megan (bottom right) - Meganbryar
Lauren Rivers (lower right) - Laurenrivers
Guard Miles (left) - highyena
Guard Anna Miller (Right) - LianeR

Art by blithedragon


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    To bad my character isn't in this a multi-trillionaire CEO...he'd have this place shut doen....hehhhh...not through normal means...his company has a military branch that usually does a variety of jobs (but only for groups like the UN, NATO, or countries like the US or Great Britain...) the company has a large population of Dragons working for it, just like Draco and his siblings...(Company name is DII...or Draconis Industries International...) you'd get a spec-ops strike followed by a heavy ground and air vehicle assault, then a full infantry engagement, followed by rescue teams...with side helpings of evil guard arrests/ass kickings and getting your bodies back...

    Plus you know these guards are bad...they've got AK derivative weapons....XD

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      I remember I just thought, hm, that'd be an interesting idea to prevent escape attempts... Transform the prisoners bodies so they'd be unable to be themselves outside of the facility, plus you'd be able to hold their DNA hostage to ensure their cooperation, and if you did escape, it would not be easy to get your old form back... Plus it's pretty easy to know an escapee is an escapee when you see a dinosaur outside the prison... :)

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        Just saying, I did understand the story...just...these people who own the prison are clearly evil and need taking out, why not with an outside private military group XD

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          Oh yes :)

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            And for badguys? Those who resist arrest deserve nothing more than death by superior firepower...heh