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Nadir - Short Story by LaurenRivers (critique requested)

Nadir - Short Story (critique requested)


19 July 2015 at 13:36:56 MDT

Newly promoted Guardian First Class Kathris Reinhardt is assigned to a special mission by Senator William Lynch and head of Vantage International Arandis Scott. They are sent across the Talwyn border with one purpose. To extract the unique Talwyn crystal technology before their military can respond.

Kathris Reinhardt
Sir Walter Mathis
Doctor Lyndon Brennan
Arandis Scott
Senator William Lynch
Chris Hartley
Kyle Simon

Written by LaurenRivers

Chronology note: This takes place one month after The First Lesson, and two months prior to the war. It occurs at the same time as Zenith.
Status: First draft posted.