Rising with Fire by LauraGarabedian

Rising with Fire


5 September 2014 at 10:00:40 MDT

Commissioned watercolor art for mearufox mearufox
She was kind enough to give me full artistic license to design a gryphon character for her, and gosh is that a way to get me amped up and happy. I've really loved working on this and it started a small and wonderful flood of gryphon commissions that I will joyously be working on for the next couple weeks I think. If you ever feel like saying "Oh hey, could you paint me a gryphon, artistic freedom, just a gryphon" do just send an email. The answer is always yes. It might be, "I can't start for a couple weeks". But always, Yes.
©2014 Laura Garabedian
Character now belongs to Mearu

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    Best spontaneous idea I ever had! I Adore her to no end <3 Again thank you so very much Laura, you gave me back the wings I thought I had lost!

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    I must ask, why dewclaws?

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      to make sticking a landing all the easier! fluffs and churls

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        -laughs- alright.

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          Actually the idea was it would make climbing up trees/clinging on cliffs easier with rather long dewclaws. Most of my gryphs have overly long dewclaws.