Lician Bestiary- Ra'Ovoa Tenezren by LaskaEira (critique requested)

Lician Bestiary- Ra'Ovoa Tenezren (critique requested)


4 July 2018 at 19:48:14 MDT

---Rah-Oh-voh-ah Teh-nehz-rehn---
These bird-like creatures are roughlythe size of a bobcat. They live in southern forests of Lician feeding primarily on amphibians, small reptiles, birds, and bird eggs. Males have bright green scales and a more saturated feather mane. This feather mane is used to attract females and males will often target the backs of their rivals to rip out the feathers. It is very rare to find an adult male without a scared back. They have barbed, retractable claws that they use for hunting and defense, but never when fighting amongst each other. Females have 2 litters of chicks numbering 3-6 twice a year.

12hrs. PC CC2015 with Cintiq 22HD

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    I like it although I think went too detailed maybe if you just make a few scales/feathers It could look 10X better Details like that work better for close up pictures, but I'm really happy to see the effort you put into this!!

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      Thanks! This piece has a large fullview size which is why I went so detailed on the scales and feathers. I'll keep your advice in mind for the future though.