Hyperion Rift question and answer session by LarkspurDragon

Hyperion Rift question and answer session


3 September 2013 at 09:51:00 MDT

Welcome to the first ever question answer session with the members of the band Hyperion Rift. from left to right we have Syrorhictus, an Iic'horren; Natalia Zupan, a rock dove; Mia Carrera, a pygmy Iic'horren; Zacharay Kelly, an Isis dragon; Jasper Attar, a fennec fox; and Zita Stark, also a fennec.

Any and all questions are welcome (this means that questions about relationships, sexual characteristics and interests, and other personal questions are all fair game. The panelists have been informed of this). You may ask your question of a specific member of the band, all the members individually, or the band as a whole, and they may choose to answer either to the whole audience or to you personally.

Please note, if a band member responds to you personally, it is because they are telling you a secret, something that other band members do not canonically know. Please do not betray their trust in you.

If you have a question for the group as a whole, it may be answered by either Schatzi (Zita, the band leader) or Syrorhictus (the band manager).

Ask your questions in the comments below.

(this is marked mature because some of the questions or answers might become not work safe.)

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