Gox Adopts! by LarkaHerzlos

Gox Adopts!


23 October 2014 at 16:48:35 MDT

So I’m trying to raise 100$ by the 30th to see my Fiance for Halloween! Sadly I lack the ability to drive myself, So He has to make the trip from Alabama to Tennessee and we need the gas money. He’ll have to drive almost 800 miles just for that weekend, to and from my house twice, 6-8 hours for each round trip, that’s a lot of gas!

These here are Goxes, a combo of two of the most lovable species the animal kingdom has to offer. They are small, not much larger than the common house cat. These are currently a closed species until we learn more about them.

Each one is 15 dollars usd!
They come with a shaded and nonshaded version of the reference (for easy color picking) as well as a transparent PNG of each character for layouts or whatever you can think of!
All I ask is that you don’t resell them for any type of currency or modify the original designs or artwork. But adding accessories to your own work is perfectly acceptable!
Name, Gender, Orientation, Personality, ect are all up to the buyer.

Paypal Only! Please send money to;

Cotton adopted by:
Shade adopted by: irongrove irongrove
Plague adopted by: sagatio@tumblr
Ember adopted by: sagatio@tumblr
Flake adopted by: battlehog battlehog

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    I WANT COTTON. I hope to come back in time. I don't get money until next week.