SQ()34K4 by Larchus



16 September 2018 at 22:52:13 MDT

"I've been decking the Bilge for about two years now. I wish I could say I had as much krux as, say, BaffiMet, but it's a lot harder down here than I thought. Once I ran into a SNoMAN and didn't even know what to do, and soon the choovo were peeling the place. Had to bail and try to give them the breeze, but one of the booties got me. Scudder started stomping my head, yelling at me, making fun of me for being a flip. Typical krid you'd expect from a bootie.

Next thing I knew I woke up in some joint. Can't tell ya where it is, some deckrunner gang called BigSys. Bunch a flippers, guys, gals, comrades. Said they gave the bootie the jam and peeled me. Too late for my lookies though, had to get a case. I hope it ain't too ugly.

Anyway, BigSys has taught me a thing or too. I'm working a better craft, so I'm charging a higher price. Still a rookie but hey, I might be the best your skitter could buy. No faves, only close friendas get those, I need my chum too you know. You in, or are you just gonna stand there?

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    you ain't even slacked. you ain't even conked. who's gonna spend skitter on a rookie?

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    Shiny case you got there, tappa! The T-Weeds hook that up for ya? I'd recognize their kit a mile away, they do some pretty pinny work. Surprised a screen queen like you had the skitter to front, but hey, who'm I to stamp your sheet? Maybe you are as good as you say... but more than likely one of those junkpunks on the crew has a bit of a tendy towards shimmers like yourself. Can't say I blame 'em~!