Interpretation Is Key by Lapres

Interpretation Is Key


6 February 2015 at 07:09:54 MST

Off on a holiday for Valentines together at a relaxing Onsen, the evenings events were going to get hot and steamy after a passing comment was made about happy fun times that were imminent.

Unfortunately Schmozy took it a bit literal. Oh well. Poor Summercat.

Schmozy approached me with the idea for Valentines Day of his character nibbling on Summercats tail. He has a tendency to let me run with the idea so I took it a bit too far, I guess? Happily, he liked it! :D

Schmozy ©   mojavecoyote
Summercat ©   summercat
Art ©   lapres



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    Silly Coyote.

    So would this be called an otterjob?