Christmas Commission - Evening Cuddles by Lapres

Christmas Commission - Evening Cuddles


10 December 2014 at 09:59:40 MST

Eeee, I'm super proud of this one. I didn't know if I liked the poses at first and a bit afraid that they wouldn't show a connection but getting closer to finishing it just seemed to work. It's warm yet cool feeling, and they look very comfortable.
Also, can someone buy me that couch? I fell in love with it since I'm looking at buying couches. Haha!

Mark ©   DAC-Fox
Tahli ©   NickyNeko
Art ©   lapres

Merry Christmas!


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    I love the atmosphere of this piece so cozy and inviting, and I think the connection between the characters shows perfectly. I esoecially love the lighting and use of the lighting in your shading.

    Beautiful job, Lapres!

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    Adorable. This certainly invokes the feeling of this time of year.