OC: My Little Kalin by Lapres

OC: My Little Kalin


3 December 2014 at 05:28:58 MST

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So shes not a pony character what so ever, shes a proper Gypsy Vanner horse anthro - but I couldn't help the title. I want to stream line my art and took the opportunity yesterday to do a piece of work for myself for a change. I'm usually pretty good with sticking to commissioned pieces rather than deviating to do my own thing, but i think a milestone birthday qualified as appropriate.

I tried different techniques in celshading and line art work trying to learn as I went along. I want to make my art more vibrant and clean looking. :< Still a ton to learn!!

Kalin and art ©   lapres

Probably one of the few strictly SFW mares around. Oh ho ho.