Video: Kaoru Badge Timelapse! by Lapres

Video: Kaoru Badge Timelapse!


19 February 2016 at 09:45:19 MST


Whose that Pokemon?!

Heya guys! I decided I wanted to change up what I'm doing in my time off of commission work. Since I do commissions as a full time job (over 8 hours a day is pumped into that alone) I wanted to take on another adventure.

I know the risk of FA ever going away would mean that I'd be out of a job, or even if the fandom just up and disappeared. Nothing is ever certain. The more I think about this the more I thought I need to do something to ensure the longevity of doing what I enjoy most, making artwork.

With that, I had asked a few months ago if I should make videos to help other people and I had a great response from others about it saying it would be incredibly helpful. I've kept this in the back of my mind and when New Years came around I tried to think of a resolution. What did I want to do this year?

I love making things, and I love drawing - I always have done. If I can take what I love doing and help other people along, then that is where I want to go. Hopefully you'd agree that I only ever cheer on other artists no matter what their 'skill' level is, or how long they've been doing art for. We're all in the same boat no matter where our strengths and weaknesses are.

I'll still be doing my normal commission work, but in my quiet time I'll be doing videos on all sorts: Tutorials, DIY projects, VLOGs, Art Challenges, and a various amount of other things! I want to have fun with traditional art and just have a ball! I want to do my absolute best to keep this channel open to all ages, so obviously I wont be doing anything NSFW. The only time I think anything would be adult-ish is during my VLOGs because I live in a trucker family and there is no censorship with them. Hah. I'll try to put a note at the top of the information box letting people know if they are easily offended!

There is a Patreon page that I'll be adding to my FA page, but my disclaimer has to be here for this!!!
This Patreon is not associated to commissions. I am not asking you for money to get my PSD's or WIPs because I feel that stuff should be free anyways if I'm going to post that up. You don't really get anything for what you're donating towards. My Patreon is towards my videos and my part-time job as an artist making things for others to gain access to free of charge. It's an ongoing kickstarter to ensure that I can pour resources into it. In the future I hope that I'll be able to turn commissions into part time and my other venture be my full time job - but I dont have any plans of getting rid of doing commissions especially since I enjoy it. Even if I won the lottery I'd want to still draw characters. D:
With that, there are some perks for people who pledge and more goodies for long term pledgers! =)
I'll also be doing an Etsy store, my facebook page, Instagram and a website Blog. Hopefully if you have any questions I can answer them either personally or through a video!

Saying all of that, money isn't everything, so I hope that you'll at least join me on this crazy journey that I've decided to take myself on. @_@;;

Please enjoy the first video. This was shot a few weeks ago now and I'm still learning my editing software. T_T

Kaoru ©   notorious_phoenix
Art ©   lapres

Also I would TOTALY appreciate if you could help me get this out there either by sharing it, liking the video and/or subscribing. ;^; It'd mean a TON to me!!

Like I said, this doesn't interfere with commission work! Bought things take priority and I've got my work planned out in my schedule book! =) x