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My Newest Album - "Branching Out," Now Available! by Lanovran

My Newest Album - "Branching Out," Now Available!


"From roots of wood, entwined with bone, metal, and glass, I find myself branching out farther into the world each day, and often in more ways than I had once imagined possible."

My fourth collection of original instrumental music is an epic adventure, featuring magical melodies and themes brought forth from fantastic flutes, along with some pulsing percussion! You'll groove to the lively tones of the VibeDrum, some haunting harmonica, and for the first time in my recording history, the exotic sounds of the Rav Vast steel handpan, Chinese dizi, and Xaphoon!

This album includes some of my most unique and intricate compositions yet. Each track tells its own story, while also taking listeners another step farther into the whimsical world woven amongst the branches of imagination!

"Branching Out" is available as a high-quality digital download here on Bandcamp! Purchase the entire album, and you will also get five bonus tracks: chill 'n' meditative percussion-only versions of certain songs featuring the Rav Vast handpan and VibeDrum!

Original photography, album design, and music ©2018 Dragon Flute Studios. Show your support by purchasing my music on Bandcamp!

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