"The Call of the Flame" - End Credits by Lanovran

"The Call of the Flame" - End Credits

"The Call of the Flame" - End Credits


2 July 2018 at 16:40:29 MDT

I am currently involved with an upcoming audio drama podcast project titled "The Call of the Flame" (details can be found on its Casting Call Club project page), in which I voice one of the lead characters. I was also commissioned by the project leader to do an arrangement of the main theme music in a "medieval/fantasy tavern" sort of style to act as the "end credits" music. This is the result of that work, featuring Native American drone flute, wood fife, xaphoon, bodhrán, maraca, and Rav Vast handpan.

The music for "The Call of the Flame" is composed by Adam Halpin, a.k.a. StygianWhite, and so the original song concept here belongs to him. He's got some cool stuff, so go check him out!

Original theme/concept ©2018 Adam Halpin, used and shared here with permission. This arrangement and performance by me, ©2018 Dragon Flute Studios.

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