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Freedom in Bronze, by Qarrezel by Lanovran

Freedom in Bronze, by Qarrezel


"Welcome to my forest home, traveler. I am Saoirse i Gcré-umha. I know that not all who wander are lost, and yet I also know that long days spent alone upon the road can make one grow weary of it after a time. Please, feel free to tarry here in my grove a while, and avail yourself of what comforts I have to offer. Here you may find a warm, safe place to rest, cool water to refresh, and...companionship, if you wish..."

The marvelously multi-talented Qarrezel (a.k.a. ShanziBeast on DeviantArt) has truly breathed stunning new life into my dragoness character, Saoirse, with this amazing painting! This commission was done as a donation-tier perk for her IndieGogo campaign that she ran a while back to help fund the construction of her new studio. She may be best known in the furry fandom for her incredible fursuit work, but her artistic skills are just as jaw-droppingly impressive! Be sure to check out her artwork on her DA account.


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    wow she's gorgeous!

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      I'm inclined to agree. ;)

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        very tasty hehe she looks like she's inviting you for some good old fashioned creamy fun ^_^

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    Wings cool. :o)