Video: My New VibeDrum by Lanovran

Video: My New VibeDrum


26 December 2016 at 17:29:58 MST

I recently got a new instrument! It's a type of steel tongue drum (or "tank" drum, or "hank" drum) called a VibeDrum. It sounds really cool, similar to a hang drum, Hapi drum, or other such things. The VibeDrum folks are based out of both Arizona and Austria, and their instruments can be checked out at this link.

This particular drum is a Double VibeDrum, in that it can be played on either side! One side is tuned to D minor pentatonic and the other is F major pentatonic. I chose the "red illusion" color for mine, which is a little bit Autumn leaves and a little bit desert sunset. The drum can be played bare-handed or with mallets (included with the drum).

In this video, I start with playing the F major side by hand, then switch to using mallets on the D minor side. After that, I decided to just mess around and play both sides simultaneously, 'cause why not? :P I'm still learning and practicing on this thing, but I'm sure I'll get better at it.

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