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fatal crash [COMM] by lamfee

fatal crash [COMM]


commission information:
type- basic flat
time- 2hr41mn

hello all! here i am with another commission for  stryker1187 c:
this time it's another head canon of their's. this time involving a much lesser known character, algy from starwolf, from the starfox series. they also wrote another story for you to enjoy to go along with this piece c:

It was meant to be an easy mission. Get in, grab the loot, and get out. The whole team had practiced divebombs numerous times, so getting the secret hard drives from the Cornerian Army should have been a piece of cake.
Only this time, Star Fox had other ideas. Wolf despised James McCloud with every fiber of his body, especially his 'holier than thou' self, his continuously smug look, and simply that everything had to be done his way. He had met James a few times before he was kicked out of the Cornerian Flight Academy, and from the very start, the two did not get along with each other. Arguments were frequent, scowls were standard, and eventually Wolf grew so sick and tired of having to deal with McCloud that getting kicked out of the Academy was more of a relief than anything else. Truthfully, he had thought about leaving for a while - but as soon as he sympathized with the plight of Venom, he was a persona non grata - and out he went.

Things worked out for Wolf - he brought along with him two of his best friends from the Academy. There was Leon, quiet yet emotional, coming from the same Cornerian slums that Wolf grew up in. He was someone Wolf could relate to. But there was also Algy, who was quite the opposite - he lived in a rich neighborhood, was practically pampered from childhood, but something changed along the way. Despite having all the riches anyone could ask for, Algy was unhappy. Miserable, in fact. At the Academy, it was as if his eyes were opened, and his whole perspective on life had changed; he knew that there was more to life than being wealthy.

The fact that the Star Wolf team was being paid off to steal the Army's hard drives handsomely by a mysterious billionaire didn't distract the fact that the teams' main motivations weren't solely based on money - though the large payoff would certainly help to put food on the table. Their motivations were adrenaline, fearlessness, and getting one up over the Cornerian Army. Life seemed simple, even with chaos flying all over them.

That all changed one fateful day in the hills of Corneria. The team's master plan went completely awry, their plot foiled by the pious Star Fox team. Within a short amount of time, the three pilots were more focused on getting away with their lives intact, rather than their own dignity. Fulfilling the contract would have to come another day.

The pilots' inexperience soon came down to haunt them, as the Star Fox team overwhelmed the young trio. Algy, by far the most talented of the lot, was little match for James' tactics and maneuvering capabilities. Eventually, Algy had found himself in the worst possible position - directly in front of the enemy's crosshairs. James didn't hesitate, firing directly at Algy's ship, as it nosedived headfirst into the rocky terrain, exploding on impact. Wolf could only shout out in disbelief at his fallen teammate, so much so that Peppy managed to land a few hits onto Wolf's ship, taking out one of his wings as it instantly dropped downwards to the ground. Wolf had managed to get his ship aligned parallel to the ground, but it was impossible to stop it from impacting into the hills, smashing the glass of the cockpit.

When all the commotion settled, Wolf sensed a throbbing pain on the side of his head. He opened his eyes, his heart already in a panicked state from the battle, as he noticed his vision start to turn red. That can't be good. He slowly brought his hands towards the source of the pain, noticing a mushy substance where his eye should have been. That can't be good at all. He heard an explosion in the distance, realizing that his teammate had gone down not far from where he crashed. In haste, Wolf jumped out of the remains of the ship's cockpit, running as fast as he could towards the wreckage. His whole mind was completely disoriented, his vision coming and going in phases, tripping up on himself as he stumbled towards what remained of Algy's ship.

Wolf arrived at the wreckage, but Algy was nowhere to be seen. Confusion soon morphed into dread, as the state of Algy's cockpit was even worse. He moved his head around the area, searching frantically for the short-statured comrade, hoping for the best but deep down fearing the worst. He then noticed the lemur lying motionless, with a giant gash across his head, showing off parts of his skull that shouldn't be seen.

Oh no... Wolf knew his injuries were bad, given that he could taste the blood dripping down from around where his eye was, but he stumbled towards Algy in panic, as he could see a splash of blood from the rocks nearby.
No, this can't be real.. Wolf knelt down towards the ground, propping up Algy's head as he felt for some kind of pulse. It was simultaneously weak and erratic. There was more blood coming from Algy's chest, accumulating all over the place. It startled Wolf just how much blood could come from someone so tiny.

Algy's eyes twitched, as if he noticed Wolf run up to him in an attempt to save him. He moved his mouth around, attempting to speak but only managing a weak gurgling sound in response. Then his head slumped to the side, his eyes halfway open in a haze. His pulse was non-existent.


Hundreds of emotions flowed through Wolf that he hadn't felt before in his life. Shock. Despair. Hopelessness. Guilt. Anger. Rage. He could only hold Algy's lifeless body in his arms, struggling to comprehend what was happening. He broke down sobbing in front of Algy, with the only thing he cared about in that moment was to find a way to avenge his friend. As the wind slowly breezed through their wounds, Wolf had only three words in mind.

McCloud. Will. Pay.

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