Fient species guide by lady-tragedy

Fient species guide


21 July 2015 at 13:52:39 MDT

So Uncanny-illustrator wanted me to do species guides for some of my other made up species. I decided to do the F-class fients first as there's quite a few different people who have them as I've made adoptables for them before.

So yes. There's a lot of different fients. F-class are the smallest amongst them. They're cute but very intelligent to a point of sentience. They tend to make a real nuiscance of themselves, ranking about Raccoon in pest evel, except they will bite you and lace your blood with poison if they feel threatened or get spooked.

They're often kept as companions though, especially by warior type people as they can transform into whatever their tail resembles weapon wise.

They have a life span of about 10 to 15 years though.

Expect some more of these species guides later >>

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    Interesting species. I wouldn't want to fight with a weapon that consists of a living creature though.

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      XD well atleast you'd never have to look for your weapon? or be afraid someone wil disarm you and use your weapon against you

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        no, but I'd be worried someone might actually hurt my sword. I'm curious about how the thransformation works and what it looks like though.

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    These are cool, I really like the male designs especially. You've definitely got some really rad species designs!

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      Aww thanks <3 I've had about 9 years to tweek most of these species though