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Valentoy's Day Lus (By Run_Rabbit_Bounce) by LadyIllusory

Valentoy's Day Lus (By Run_Rabbit_Bounce)


Happy Valentoy's Day, everyone!

Whether you got a cute plush/rubber gift or if you are the cute plush/rubber gift, if you just got toyified as a treat to yourself, or if you're part of a multi-toy set, I hope you're having a happy Valentoy's day!

And tomorrow is nearly as good! Discount toy polish day! Gotta fill up the closet with cheap rose-scented gloss I will definitely ration out to myself responsibly. (Narrator: She will not be responsible with it.)

A lovely Valentines-themed Lus toy by the wonderful Bounce Bounce as part of her still-ongoing-as-of-posting Valentoy's Day sale (And even if you're looking back on this after it's over, the sale page is still adorable). Ever since I started following Bounce last summer and discovered that 'Toyification Day' was a thing, I've been looking forward for the chance to get in on it.

And I'm delighted with the results! The pinkscale palette is so good and I love the frills that are a part of my new body just like the permanent faux stockings and gloves on my cute hooves and hoof-hands, and the giant ribbon on my back is so adorable and I've even got some cute additional ones on my antlers that look so good in that crimson-y color and my inflatable neckfloof is so smooth and glossy and Bounce just did such a great job on everything!

Gosh... part of me wants to spend Valentoy's Day snuggling my caprine paladin-toy of love and just squishing our big, sparkly red rubber hearts against other and just enjoying a sleek, squeaky toy-cuddle. <3

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