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Shiny Anthro Lus (by Reauxpudu) by LadyIllusory

Shiny Anthro Lus (by Reauxpudu)


Being a floofy doe is nice deerie, but you know what's even better? Being a shiny, synthetic deer! Smooth synthetic "fur" isn't affected by temperature swings, slush and salt wipe off easy as can be, and your tail and floof are molded into an always perfectly gorgeous shape (such a timesaver!). Artificial hooves are firm enough to hold up to outdoor adventures, while soft and grippy enough for smooth indoor surfaces! And rubber antlers are both stylish and have enough spring to prevent unintended pokey accidents, and I suppose could even be swapped out for another set or removed (but why would you take them off?).

Oh, and the gorgeous glossiness and the occasional cute squeaks are lovely too!~

I've been drawn as an anthro and as a shiny deer, and even as a shiny anthro in a fun alternate palette, but not a shiny anthro in my usual colors, so I commissioned Reaux/@Reauxpudu to fix that for me... And what an incredible job they did! Check out their original upload and throw them a like/comment/retweet, or even check out their profile for commission info!

Actually sort of a spiritual re-visit of this earlier colored sketch they did, which was one of the first pieces I got of Lus, but shiny and a higher finish level of commission.

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