prev 02 for "Snatched " by Lady Adara

prev 02 for "Snatched "

Lady Adara

12 January 2020 at 01:12:36 MST

Preview pic 02 for " Snatched " picset..

New picset.. Katie, Nemi and Amy in the spotlight... Can be found from

Ever wanted to look into another dimension? Katie, Nemi and Amy got an invitation to witness the moment when barriers of dimensions would allow mages to look into other side, but things aren't going like it was planned and portal is hijacked by other being.. When Katie and her friends arrive to location, everyone have vanished and things are starting to go sideways when this creature from another dimension takes these newcomers as his new targets.. and break them one way or another...

Two versions offered...

First version is regular one and it contains story pdf (with pics) and 80+ pics FOR 6 usd..

Second version is for Supporters. It contains... story pdf (with pics), text pdf (story only), 130+ pics.. for 8 usd.. if you want to give more for it, I'm grateful ;)

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