[Moogle TF] Game Over : Moogled by LackeDragon

[Moogle TF] Game Over : Moogled


26 September 2017 at 20:56:37 MDT

Game: Secret of Mana
Character changed: Randi, Primm, Popoi
Method: Get Moogled. A lot of Bosses have this spell weirdly. This one seems somehow permanent.

I usually don't like using "canon" characters into TFs. But the theme of the contest inspired me and actually gave me an idea that would work without making me uncomfortable. How that? Well, by staying "canon" somehow via the gameplay. In the game you can get Moogled pretty often, which is technically jsut a Silence spell, but, let's be honest, getting transformed into a moogle is way more fun than just being silenced, haha.
So, here you go, our three heroes getting moogled. Too bad that thing time, it is synonym of Game Over, as I supposed that, this time, the spell will not be temporary.
(Someone said Moogle Belt? I guess they never heard of it yet, too bad :p)
The Moogle forms were also inspired by the preorder Moogle costume from the Remaster of the game.

Picture for the contest "GAME OVER" over :f-tg-contests