Dune 2 - Turbulence by kyusawamura

Dune 2 - Turbulence

Dune 2 - Turbulence


20 January 2014 at 09:05:39 MST

Written on FL Studio, using MIDI Yoke Output, sending htsfms096 module into MIDI Yoke Input, then directly rendered .MID file to WAV with htsfms096 mid2wav.
(The app's 096 version, but I used the 070 bank which is also included, and slightly modified it to erase the Guitar and Square Wave's releases from their ADSR envelopes.)

Yeeh. It's the first time I get to use MIDI Yoke right and I already love it.

There are a couple of things wrong (volume-related) but overall it's quite alright. At least it's tidy and the melodies are the same.

Original music (and thumbnail/cover art) belong to the Sega MegaDrive game Dune - The Battle for Arrakis (yes, it's only in the SEGA version of Dune II, not in the PC version).
I THINK (?) the original music's © Frank Klepacki & Dwight Okahara, 1993

Cover by me, only made for personal enjoyment and not for any commercial profits.

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    Ah! Dune! My childhood in a song... how befitting. Love the bitty vibe this is giving off, mate. well done. Have a fav.


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      Thank you very much. ♥ Sadly, whereas I did own a SEGA MegaDrive, I didn't get to know this during my childhood, but after I turned 13, and on an emulator. Maybe in a near future I'll do more covers of the games I used to play on the real console. :3