Adoptable Impkin by Kyttnxkisaragi

Adoptable Impkin


19 January 2014 at 20:45:28 MST

They are the size of normal people. Some males tend to get a little taller than normal.
They are timid, playful, curious females, but males tend to be protective, playful, a tease and sometimes territorial. When happy their ears wiggle and flutter in all directions like they will fly from their ears.
When taking a bath they refuse to get their tail wet, they will take dirt/sand baths since water tends to matte their fluff and cause them to get mildew. The sand/dirt helps gets them clean without the issues.
They love the beach. While they hate water on their tails, the sand is like a giant playground for them.
If shaved, their hair grows back overnight. It upsets the pets,but fluff is highly sought after because it has healing properties when eaten. Though.. it tastes gross. (Think cotton)
[*note*Please do not eat your pet. While their fluff heals, flesh does not. Sicko.]
When upset or anxious, their fluff emits a pleasant scent that puts users to sleep.
They like to hoard objects that catch their fancy, and its almost always odd and end things. They can hide some objects in their tails though it effects their ability to maneuver.
The lace is embodied in their flesh, the tuffs that looks like a small skirt is also fluff too.
Some Impkins like the day better than the night but they are very much like a giant cat, They will do what they can to stay outta the way but they tend to find the sun more relaxing to sleep under so sometimes you can catch em sleeping in plain site if the sun is in full light. Which is why most Impkins like the beach areas.
Impkins are omnivores, they will eat anything. Some just prefer meat. [Meat like rabbits and birds]

[friend and I were brainstorming Lore on them <3]

[You can make it either boy or girl]

This baby is 10$

Customs are 12$

Do not re sell please
You can do anything you want with em.
They can be any gender.
Please love them

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    how super sweet!
    i would totally give this one a home in my head, if only i had the money!

    i hope they get a good home, as well as all your others <3

    you have a lovely style

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      Thank you for being so sweet sweetie!!! <3 hugs